Friday, March 6, 2015


I want to be a mountain. Built on a solid foundation – unmoving, unwavering. In a fire, the outside may burn, but it never crumbles. In the wind and rain, they still remain without hesitation. 

They are inspiring. They are majestic. They push people to climb further, to try harder, and to strive for more.

When you finally get to the top, the view is beautiful. It’s breathtaking.

Mountains restore my faith in the One who created them.

No mountain is the same – it is one of a kind and truly splendid. 

Mountains are confident. They stand tall.  

I’m slowly learning how to follow Him up the mountain this semester. Even when I don’t know what’s at the top, I am reminded to never give up.

“Don’t look to the right or to the left, keep your eyes on Me,” He says.

When I ask myself if it’s worth it to keep going and when I’m ready to call it quits – God is with me.

“Stop worrying – you will not be shaken, you will not be moved. I am teaching you to be a mountain.”

God has been teaching me that I simply need to trust. Trust that I will make it to the top with His strength and in His timing. Trust that He will provide. Trust and be still.

The mountains are still. They stand steadfast in all their magnificent wonder.

Today, stay where you are a little longer. Simply be with the Father. Look around you and take in the beauty of our Creator in the mundane – in the daily occurrences of life. Embody the inspiring confidence of the mountains just for a minute. Learn from the way they point us to the Father and be humbled by their majesty. 

I get to the top and I swear I found my heart up there along with something better - the heart of God. 

I sit at the top and smile. 

He reminds me to take a breath and enjoy the view. 

View from the top of Lion's Head

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